Telecom & Mobile Ecosystem Solutions

We at MobileyourLife provide solutions in both Telecom & FIN-TECH space. Solutions range from AI powered Chatbots, AI Cloud, Wi-fi Networks, Robo-ADVISERS (B2B) and smart wearable.

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Gabriel Zanko is the CEO & Founder of MobileyourLife.  

With a 10+ years strong Background in Finance working in the Corporate World (as Financial Advisor), he later on started to get involved in Technology. From learning the programming languages and frameworks such as Python or Ruby, to start building platforms which let to  build MobileyourLife and provide High Tech Quality Solutions in the Telecom & Mobile space.

He also advises Startups in the Fin-Tech (Financial Technology) area, as well as getting deals/partnerships for both Startups and Individuals. More recently involved in the Blockchain Space for developing solutions for Financial Institutions and Advising ICOs projects, fundraising capital, introducing VCs and Angels,etc.




Tespack is a Finnish Startup that produces the smartest, safest and ultra-fast Energy Tech Wearable. From Ultra-Light Batteries & Extra Thin Solar Panels to Super Durable Bags.  

MobileyourLife which provides Telecom Solutions has partnered with Tespack in order to distribute their products in different Industries & Verticals from Telecom operators & Startups to different markets. 

Alphablues is a Conversational Chat Platform to Build Virtual Customer Assistants with NLP and Deep Learning. 

MobileyourLife & Alphablues have partnered with our Founder Gabriel Zanko in order to scale and grow the business to International Markets. 

Bambu & MobileyourLife have partnered together to expand to international markets all B2B Robo-Advisers solutions. As Bambu & MobileyourLife are tech companies exploring in the fields of AI. The vision is to bring these cutting-edge technologies to emerging markets.


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— Buckminster Fuller