AI Powered Chatbots



AI Chatbots

We provide a highly flexible Chat Automation Platform.

Containing the following characteristics

Custom AI : No third-party black-box APIs. Tailor-made flexible algorithms that suit your needs best.

Intent Training: Semiautomatic back-end module for training the bot with question-intent matching.

Workflow Builder: Build simple or complex chat-bot workflows with our back-end tool.

Human Han-doff: Automated support capable of handing conversation to humans when needed.

Deployment: Supporting a wide selection of chat and CRM platforms.

Analytics: Learn what your customers are saying. Measure Virtual Agent's performance.




Our solutions range from:

Intelligent Adviser

A proprietary algorithm-ranking tool for relationship managers to improve customer experience.


White-Label Robo

A platform for all financial institutions to offer robo-advisory to all their customers.




Cloud solutions


AI Cloud

Intelligent Business Cloud Backup

Affordable and secure cloud Backup that uses artificial intelligence to backup, discover, organize and protect your data across multiple devices– Latest technology

Cloud Archive

Affordable and secure cloud Archive for your computers, externals and network drives using our innovative cold storage technology.

Intelligent Home Cloud

Reinventing the personal cloud. Smart and secure backup for all your precious photos, videos and personal documents.


blockchain solutions

Blockchain Development.jpeg



We provide you a digital asset exchange is HFT capable, secure and robust enough to handle high volumes.  Every actor is fully KYC’d and all trades are fully collateralized. With FIX, ITCH and Restful API protocols for DMA.


Web-based full white label brokerage software. Offering Digital Assets, BTC, ETH, XRP trading alongside debt and equity assets. Comes with a full back office, OTC desk, Leverage, social trading and fully featured trade room.


Digital Asset Creation tool helps issuers create traditional financial assets leveraging the power of blockchain technology. BlockEx can automate and manage corporate actions and act as custodian for your digital assets. Currently BlockEx is offering the tool for Bond issuances


Leveraging proprietary tools, 3rd party integrations and the DAxP infrastructure, BlockEx can offer custom solutions for many different use cases.