Crypto Hedge Funds Analysis – Q1 2019

With the cryptocurrency market recovering from its harsh winter of last year, crypto hedge funds seem to be gaining popularity again, which is why we took a look at a report release by PwC and Elwood about the way the top 100 hedge funds are run, the solutions they offer, the magnitude of assets they handle and how that translates into a raise in the number of users.

Sharding - Seeing the big picture

Given how popular blockchain has become, both as the support for cryptocurrency and for the development of decentralized apps, it was only a matter of time until scalability became an important topic of discussion. With more and more transactions taking place simultaneously, each node has more processing to do in order to validate them.

Consensus 2019 - UPDATED MAY 16TH, 2019

Consensus 2019 - UPDATED MAY 16TH, 2019

The time is upon us. Starting today, the so called Blockchain Week for this year will begin, during which many different events regarding blockchain development and cryptocurrency implementation will take place. Seminars, forums, meet-ups and many more, all within a week, but the one that attracts the most attention is the Consensus.