GanaEight: Online casinos evolved

The internet is full of options to spend your time doing activities that entertain you, and probably the one that moves the most money, when comparing it to its real-life equivalent, is online gambling and casinos. From sports bets to traditional slot games, the market of online casinos managed to reach a market value of $240.7 billion in 2017, and showing steadily increasing growth rates per year.


Taking this into account, Ganapati, a Japan-based game development company, has set their course to enter and become a powerhouse in the market of online casinos. Most of their games are loyal to their Japanese aesthetic, and sometimes are based on worldwide known figures (including internet sensation Pikotaro, who has even been invited to perform at the White House), and this has helped them to built a respectable image across the gaming environment, to the point of venturing into new possibilities for globalizing their audience even more. And blockchain just might be the tool they needed.

Why blockchain?

Online casino games represent a great challenge. With the volume of data that needs to be processed in short times, the global access they should offer and the security measures needed to protect the user’s chips (which represent their real money), there are plenty guarantees that the companies should give to the user.

This not only makes it difficult for new companies to enter the market, as users would be more cautious to play in a platform they don’t trust, but also for existing ones to generate enough confidence to attract new users.

Ganapati first earned the audience interest by participating in a large number of gaming conventions, where their stand design made them win various awards, thus creating a solid name and brand. After this, they focused on developing games that both look great and work with enough stability to gain the player’s confidence.


With users already anchored, the next logical step is to improve their experience while they use the services that are offered, so engagement can increase even more. And dealing with online casino games, this improvement comes in ways to widen the availability of the service, guarantee the safety of the investments and increase the speed of the transactions.

Blockchain offers a way for Ganapati to cover all these necessities, while also fueling their next idea for taking the online casinos markets: enabling the users to bet directly with a cryptocurrency, G8C, offered by Ganapati themselves.

With technology come advantages

By issuing their own cryptocurrency, which can be used to bet directly in their games, Ganapati removes the middleman and offers quick transactions, with no trading fees, and none of the inconvenience of having to deal with currency exchanges before being able to bet.

Any user can purchase G8C tokens and later use them as chips for casino games, while also be sure that their investment will not lose value because of the G8C being supported by supply and demand, instead of building artificial value during an ICO, like most tokens do today. Ganapati will also offer the option to generate a debit card that can store G8C, exchange them and is aimed to be accepted by major credit card merchants.

Blockchain technology will make all of this transactions completely secure, due to the innate ability of blockchain to be resistant to tampering and breaches, while taking advantage of its decentralized nature to process all the transactions that take place in a global online casino environment.

Ganapati surely aims high with this project, and is currently working on the development of their original platform (which will include an original blockchain to base their token on), which will later host their own games and be offered to other companies to host their casinos.

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