AI Powered Chatbots



AI Chatbots

We provide a highly flexible Chat Automation Platform.

Containing the following characteristics

Custom AI : No third-party black-box APIs. Tailor-made flexible algorithms that suit your needs best.

Intent Training: Semiautomatic back-end module for training the bot with question-intent matching.

Workflow Builder: Build simple or complex chat-bot workflows with our back-end tool.

Human Han-doff: Automated support capable of handing conversation to humans when needed.

Deployment: Supporting a wide selection of chat and CRM platforms.

Analytics: Learn what your customers are saying. Measure Virtual Agent's performance.




Our solutions range from:

Intelligent Adviser

A proprietary algorithm-ranking tool for relationship managers to improve customer experience.


White-Label Robo

A platform for all financial institutions to offer robo-advisory to all their customers.




blockchain solutions

Blockchain Development.jpeg


Crypto - Investment Banking

MobileyourLife raise capital from Institutional Investors to private sales - ITO/ICO - Series A-B round and more.

OTC trading Desk

MobileyourLife assists in large scale transactions of Crypto-Currencies (BTC-ETH) and more.

Market Making

MobileyourLife provides liquidity and build stable Crypto-Token economy and act as a Market Maker for Blockchain Projects.

Private Events

MobileyourLife brings top Blockchain projects to private dinners / events with Institutional Investors globally. (NY - London - Tel Aviv - Shanghai - Hong Kong - Tokyo and Seoul)

Blockchain Technology

MobileyourLife assist in building technology infrastructure for governments and private companies globally.