Crypto-Investment Banking - OTC trading Desk - Market Making

We at MobileyourLife provide state of the art solutions for Blockchain and High Tech companies. From Crypto-Investment Banking - OTC trading desk - Market Making for Crypto-Tokens and private dinners with investors globally (New York - London - Tel Aviv)

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Gabriel Zanko is the founder of MobileyourLife a Crypto-Investment Banking firm which offer services in the following areas for Blockchain and High Tech companies 

a) Crypto-Investment Banking - Raising Capital in private sales

b) OTC trading desk - Market Making for Crypto-Projects

c) Private dinners with investors ( NY-London-Tel Aviv)

d) Legal Structure and Banking in Switzerland-Malta-Gibraltar

Gabriel Zanko is a Blockchain Investor and Advisor involved in several projects with a international strong experience in Finance and Technology. Having worked in Finance 12+ years and gained experience in the Corporate world (PwC and Nokia to name a few).

MobileyourLife and Gabriel Zanko are active in the spectrum of Quantitative Hedge Fund and Tokenized Assets. Building a bridge between institutional investors and the Crypto Space.




Blockchain-based social network focused on organizing sports events and activities.

Portable and wearable energy solutions. We provide telecomm support and advice.


First blockchain-based online art gallery and marketplace, focused on offering quick reliable service worldwide.

First cryptocurrency backed by Colombian emeralds.

Chat platform to build virtual customer assistants via AI. Partnered to scale their business to international markets.

Experts providers of digital wealth technologies. Partnered to spread B2B solutions to international markets.

Platform for connecting influencers and internet talents with fans and enthusiasts through 1-on-1 video calls.

Digitization of money via virtual wallets, crypto-compatible cards and a user-friendly bank transfer platform.

World leaders in hardware wallets.

Company focused in the development of online gambling solutions.

Platform for DLT-based security issuance and fund administration.

Initiative for digitization of personal medical records, blockchain storage, direct contact between patients and specialists and total control of each patient over their medical records, allowing them to even sell theirs to research centers.


Multi-service platform oriented towards gaming and building a strong financial environment around it.

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims
— Buckminster Fuller