Crypto-Investment Banking - OTC trading Desk - Market Making

We at MobileyourLife provide state of the art solutions for Blockchain and High Tech companies. From Crypto-Investment Banking - OTC trading desk - Market Making for Crypto-Tokens and private dinners with investors globally (New York - London - Tel Aviv)

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Gabriel Zanko is the founder of MobileyourLife a Crypto-Investment Banking firm which offer services in the following areas for Blockchain and High Tech companies 

a) Crypto-Investment Banking - Raising Capital in private sales

b) OTC trading desk - Market Making for Crypto-Projects

c) Private dinners with investors ( NY-London-Tel Aviv)

d) Legal Structure and Banking in Switzerland-Malta-Gibraltar

Gabriel Zanko is a Blockchain Investor and Advisor involved in several projects with a international strong experience in Finance and Technology. Having worked in Finance 12+ years and gained experience in the Corporate world (PwC and Nokia to name a few).

MobileyourLife and Gabriel Zanko are active in the spectrum of Quantitative Hedge Fund and Tokenized Assets. Building a bridge between institutional investors and the Crypto Space.




Tespack is a Finnish Startup that produces the smartest, safest and ultra-fast Energy Tech Wearable. From Ultra-Light Batteries & Extra Thin Solar Panels to Super Durable Bags.

MobileyourLife which provides Telecom Solutions has partnered with Tespack in order to distribute their products in different Industries & Verticals from Telecom operators & Startups to different markets.

Alphablues is a Conversational Chat Platform to Build Virtual Customer Assistants with NLP and Deep Learning.

MobileyourLife & Alphablues have partnered with our Founder Gabriel Zanko in order to scale and grow the business to International Markets.

Bambu & MobileyourLife have partnered together to expand to international markets all B2B Robo-Advisers solutions. As Bambu & MobileyourLife are tech companies exploring in the fields of AI. The vision is to bring these cutting-edge technologies to emerging markets.

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims
— Buckminster Fuller