Top 10 Recap - March 22nd 2019

It’s time for the weekly recap of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market. As usual, we’ll rank them in terms of market capitalization, with a dynamic plot to visualize the currencies’ behavior in the past days. Last saturday, we saw an overall rise across most important coins, but this climb was temporary as most experienced a decline yesterday.

Bitcoin: $3978.16, with a change of 0.41% from yesterday and 1.95% from last week.

Ethereum: $136.13, with a change of 1.29% from yesterday and 0.16% from last week.

XRP: $0.310825, with a change of 0.49% from yesterday and -0.74% from last week.

EOS: $3.61, with a change of 0.81% from yesterday and -1.37% from last week.

Litecoin: $58.98, with a change of 1.37% from yesterday and 1.36% from last week.

Bitcoin Cash: $156.97, with a change of 4.36% from yesterday and 11.2% from last week.

Stellar: $0.107842, with a change of 4.94% from yesterday and 2.25% from last week.

TRON: $0.022579, with a change of 1.42% from yesterday and -0.49% from last week.

Cardano: $0.056971, with a change of 11.68% from yesterday and 14.77% from last week.

Bitcoin SV: $65.91, with a change of 1.88% from yesterday and -0.56% from last week.

Despite the fall, we see that most of these coins have maintained their level from last week, with an average rise of 3.23% and Cardano showing the week’s highest climb again. The most probably scenario is that climbs like this any time soon, but time will tell.