Top 10 Recap - March 29th, 2019

Another week has passed, which means it’s time to analyze how the top cryptocurrencies in the market behaved and what could that mean for the next days. This week, the analysis is better understood after looking at the graphics, so let’s get to it:

Bitcoin: $4103.40, with a change of 0.51% from yesterday and 3.15% from last week.

Ethereum: $141.14, with a change of 0.91% from yesterday and 3.68% from last week.

XRP: $0.308504, with a change of -0.65% from yesterday and -0.75% from last week.

EOS: $4.30, with a change of -0.06% from yesterday and 19.11% from last week.

Litecoin: $61.32, with a change of -0.16% from yesterday and 3.97% from last week.

Bitcoin Cash: $169.97, with a change of -0.33% from yesterday and 8.28% from last week.

Binance Coin: $16.55, with a change of -1.68% from yesterday and 8.74% from last week.

Stellar: $0.108119, with a change of 0.21% from yesterday and 0.26% from last week.

Cardano: $0.071075, with a change of -1.36% from yesterday and 24.76% from last week.

TRON: $0.023258, with a change of 6.68% from yesterday and 2.06% from last week.

As you can see, most of the coins, except for EOS and Binance Coin, experienced a slight drop on the afternoon of last Monday, which replicated (in some sort) the one experienced in the 21st. But the difference is that this was followed by two climbs, one on the 27th and another earlier today, which is what defines the average positive change of around 8% seen across the charts.

Will this climb act like the one seen a couple of weeks ago, which was followed by a drop two days after? Or is this a steady growth in the overall market defined by Bitcoin breaking the $4,100 mark again? The steady oscillation of the trading volumes seem to be pointing towards the latter, but only time will tell.