Top 10 Recap - May 3rd, 2019

Another week has passed, and the whole market showed a very healthy growth after the happenings of last week. Most coins broke their resistance points and trading volumes seem to indicate this is not a fluke, but let’s take a deeper look:

Bitcoin: $6065.7, with a change of 6.6% from yesterday and 14.73% from last week.

Ethereum: $176.78, with a change of 5.2% from yesterday and 13.67% from last week.

XRP: $0.3228, with a change of 2.57% from yesterday and 9.51% from last week.

Bitcoin Cash: $287.56, with a change of 7.87% from yesterday and 8.24% from last week.

Litecoin: $83.00, with a change of 8.74% from yesterday and 14.2% from last week.

EOS: $5.2948, with a change of 7.51% from yesterday and 13.38% from last week.

Binance Coin: $24.33159, with a change of 0.58% from yesterday and 5.38% from last week.

Stellar: $0.107116, with a change of 0.38% from yesterday and 7.58% from last week.

Cardano: $0.073919, with a change of 3.51% from yesterday and 8.3% from last week.

TRON: $0.025005, with a change of 2.39% from yesterday and 7.16% from last week.

The upwards charge was led by XRP, which experienced a great climb in Tuesday morning. Other coins followed with steep rises, but Bitcoin took its time, rising slowly up until a few hours before writing this recap, when it finally broke the $6,000 mark, sitting above it for the first time in 5 months.

Trading volumes seem to indicate healthy movement, meaning this is not a spike that could cause a drop. The only topic left to speculate is how long will this trend continue.