Top 10 Recap - October 5th, 2019

The time for our weekly recap is here, and there was special importance on this one because of the terrible drops of last week, leaving the market in a vulnerable state but with potential for fixing. Did it deliver? Or were the worries justified? Let’s take a look:

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies - Market Value

1 - BTC: $8095.81, with a change of -0.88% since yesterday and -1.55% since last week.

2 - ETH: $174.18, with a change of -1.15% since yesterday and 0.02% since last week.

3 - XRP: $0.2544, with a change of 0.39% since yesterday and 4.86% since last week.

4 - BCH: $221.63, with a change of 0.04% since yesterday and -2.47% since last week.

5 - USDT: $1.005, with a change of -0.10% since yesterday and 0.20% since last week.

6 - LTC: $56.34, with a change of -0.30% since yesterday and 1.39% since last week.

7 - EOS: $2.994, with a change of -0.66% since yesterday and 5.46% since last week.

8 - BNB: $15.53, with a change of -0.89% since yesterday and -1.46% since last week.

9 - BSV: $82.28, with a change of -0.95% since yesterday and -2.37% since last week.

10 - XLM: $0.05855, with a change of -0.37% since yesterday and 0.03% since last week.

And the bad news came to be. BTC (and, in extension, the rest of the market) did not manage to fully recover from the drops of last week, having little climbs in the middle of the week after reaching lows of $7,700, but went back into the bearish downtrend. Most analysts are worried because short-term indicators are continuously falling below long-term ones, meaning there’s no recent impulse to revert the fall.

In related news, this week we saw the announcement from PayPal saying they will be leaving the Facebook-commanded Libra Project. The reveal was made on Friday, where the company stated that they would be refraining from further participation to “continue to focus on advancing our existing mission and business priorities as we strive to democratize access to financial services for underserved populations.”

Despite the fact that this statement comes as respectful, and continues with supportive messages towards the project, the fact that such a big name is stepping down will hurt the reputation of the initiative. The most likely scenario will be for more big partners to break links with Libra, but there are still chances for them to remain joint and help in the implementation of Facebook’s coin and wallet services.

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies - Performance

1 - CENNZ: $0.08039, with a change of 354.69% since last week.

2 - SPHR: $0.06914, with a change of 187.96% since last week.

3 - TIME: $1.95, with a change of 66.52% since last week.

4 - PLBT: $1.064, with a change of 62.77% since last week.

5 - IDH: $0.007725, with a change of 55.65% since last week.

6 - ADX: $0.09755, with a change of 49.78% since last week.

7 - MDA: $1.001, with a change of 46.99% since last week.

8 - UPP: $0.01125, with a change of 44.01% since last week.

9 - PHX: $0.008905, with a change of 42.48% since last week.

10 - TT: $0.004614, with a change of 38.84% since last week.

As usual, we will release a special feature next week to talk about the best performer, and the next one will be Centrality, a platform that offers tools for DApp development for people with varying amounts of expertise in programming or finance. We will dive a little bit deeper into their proposal and the reason for the climb in their token’s value, so stay tuned!