Last Week’s Best – 9 – Centrality

In this week’s feature, we will cover Centrality, a platform that covers a need that is becoming more and more common: the access to tools and resources for developing decentralized apps, and the requirement of these tools to be easy to learn and master, so the interest of the public is not shunned down by the entry barriers built by the necessary expertise to create a DApp.


A Complete Toolkit

The team at Centrality are pretty clear in what they offer: A platform where everyone can start from scratch and materialize their ideas into apps that benefit from the implementation of blockchain. Using said platform, everyone, from developers to business enthusiasts, can quickly overcome the obstacles that naturally arise when entering the decentralized app landscape.

To fully understand their vision is to understand their name. “Centrality” is the term used in graph theory to describe a point in a decentralized network that unites and connects several other components. This describes the way Centrality acts in terms of the services they provide. They offer every resource necessary to set up token generation systems, communication between users, identity protection measures, connectors, wallet and payment services.

An Additional Effort

Besides the facilitation for creation, Centrality also works as a hub for connecting businesses with one another and with their potential customers, providers, employees and investors, defending their vision of creating a tightly integrated community to use it as a foundation to build a solid project.

The strong conviction of the teams and their attitude have driven Centrality to establish partnerships with huge names like McDonald’s, Infinivision, the Wanda Group and Pl^g. This makes them a powerhouse in their early stages, achieving great leverage by their partnerships and their outlandish and straightforward attitude, a very different approach than the most reserved projects.


The Great Rise

As you should know by now, we will talk about Centrality because its token, the CENNZ, achieved the better performance out of all tokens last week, with an outstanding 354.69% increase in value. This rise might have been triggered by the launch of the Centrality Bounty Programme, an initiative that allows anyone to contribute into the development process of the platform while being rewarded with tokens. This not only makes for great publicity, as enthusiasts spread the opportunity, but also gives additional value to the token, as it now represents certain amount of work hours.

All of what we’ve discussed give us a big scope on the capacity of Centrality to open doors and welcome potentially everyone into the world of blockchain and decentralized apps, breaking down barriers and allowing for every great idea to have a shot at becoming a reality, and that’s an aspect we cannot emphasize enough. Giving these tools and helping enthusiasts into materializing their ideas can help us unlock the full potential of blockchain, which is why we must support projects like Centrality.