Top 10 Recap - May 24th, 2019

After last week’s big rise, it’s been enough time for the market to stabilize and to oscillate around new resistance values, with some healthy signs in terms of trading volumes, but let’s take a look.

Bitcoin: $8007.6, with a change of 3.93% from yesterday and 9.51% from last week.

Ethereum: $251.53, with a change of 4.15% from yesterday and 4.06% from last week.

XRP: $0.39047, with a change of 3.55% from yesterday and 2.37% from last week.

Bitcoin Cash: $414.58, with a change of 6.04% from yesterday and 15.74% from last week.

Litecoin: $99.29, with a change of 12.24% from yesterday and 11.35% from last week.

EOS: $6.3994, with a change of 7.61% from yesterday and 6.29% from last week.

Binance Coin: $34.71, with a change of 9.59% from yesterday and 37.57% from last week.

Stellar: $0.127807, with a change of 3.76% from yesterday and 2.27% from last week.

Cardano: $0.082242, with a change of 6.16% from yesterday and 1.93% from last week.

TRON: $0.027995, with a change of 5.02% from yesterday and 7.26% from last week.

With Bitcoin breaking the $8,000 mark once again, things are looking good for the market in general, as all of the other coins in the top 10 also showed sings of healthy growth. The average change ended at 9.84% since last week, which is great considering the dip that occurred two days ago.

We’ll come back next week to see if this week’s movements set up a nice foundation for a climb in values.